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who is jamelle living


This translates to 'Jamelle', defined as beauty. Our brand embraces each moment as a brushstroke in the masterpiece of life.

We are a small, Australian business with middle eastern origins. We have a passion to inspire all people to create beauty everyday, in any space!

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why Jamelle living


Inspired by European summers and romantic evenings, the beauty in simplicity was our inspiration. Jamelle living was created with a passion for developing a brand that would balance both elegance and affordability.

Our timeless products have been carefully crafted to inspire luxury. Perfect for any space! Our products are designed to be versatile, creating the canvas for you to be inspired to create your own beauty!

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about the products


Our products are all crafted with texture and minimalism in mind. From smooth to rough stone, combined with round edges and elegant curves, our designs are suited to any space.

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